indianapolis-custom-showerA bathroom remodel can be an intimidating project, so before you have a contractor tear up the tiles, get some insiders’ tricks for getting every detail perfect. At Indy Renovation, we’ve provided professional bathroom remodeling services in Central Indiana for 50 years and counting. Our experts are honest and upfront through all phases of the project. Since we have experience with a variety of bathroom remodeling projects, we’ve compiled some helpful suggestions for your own remodel:

  • Consider tile options: Sure, colored tiles can bring a splash of color to a dull bathroom. Although color is an important aspect of any design process, you should also take note of the materials of the tiles. For a low maintenance option, go for porcelain or glazed tiles. If you’d rather have a nonslip floor, tiles with matte or textured surfaces offer better grip.
  • Rethink the space: Have you ever been to a bathroom that had every fixture crammed within inches of each other? Your bathroom design shouldn’t make people feel claustrophobic, so consult with a contractor about how to make the most out of the room dimensions.
  • Add storage areas: If you’re working with a small space, efficient storage options can go a long way. For instance, niches or cubbies in your custom shower will eliminate the need for any bulky over-the-shower-head organizers.
  • Don’t forget about plumbing: For homeowners that add a soaker tub or multi-head shower, they may forget one thing — they probably need a bigger water heater. Whether you want a standard or tankless water heater, our plumbers can install a new one for you.
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