At Indy Renovation, we’ve seen the damage improperly installed or maintained plumbing systems can cause to a home and its foundation. When you need assistance, save time and money on the plumbing projects and pipe repairs by hiring reputable plumbers who are licensed, insured and bonded. Indy Renovation fits the bill. We serve the Indianapolis area including Fishers and Carmel. Request a free estimate now or call us at (317) 375-4464, and check out our specials page to view our current promotions.

With 60-plus years of experience, our plumbing company has garnered recognition and several awards. We’ve received the Indiana Consumer’s Choice Award for five consecutive years, obtained a Presidential Award for Excellence in Business, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our plumbers take pride in our track record of serving the Indianapolis community with high-quality service and products over the course of three generations of business.

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Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Is your water heater showing signs of surrender? Call and ask how a plumber from Indy Renovation can install a new standard or tankless water heater. We’ll review every option so you can make the most informed decision at an affordable price.

Water Treatment Systems

When you tire of hard water or rust deposits on the fixtures and in your hair, call us. Not only does soft water make your skin and hair healthier, but it is also better to clean with. Hard water contains microscopic minerals such as iron that can discolor water and corrode pipes and appliances. Adding a water softener or water conditioner helps to remove or neutralize many of these minerals.

Install a Sump Pump or Well Pump

When installing a sump pump, you lessen the possibility that general water damage or flooding will ruin the home’s foundation. A sump pump pulls in excess water and pushes it back out into a drainage system, leaving the home dry.

If you live in an area without access to city water, there may come a day when the current well fails. Our team handles all facets of well pump installation, including drilling the well, mounting either a jet pump or submersible pump, and connecting the pump into your home’s plumbing system.

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Keeping your pipes in good shape will help avoid paying for repairs down the line. Still, we understand that unforeseen accidents can occur that force you to call an Indianapolis plumber. Don’t let a leak ruin the day; call us for a water pipe repair.

Indy Renovation has the experience required to get your plumbing job done properly. We also install custom showers, walk-in tubs, tile floors, and full kitchen and bathroom remodels in Indianapolis and nearby areas. Request a free estimate or give us a call at (317) 375-4464 to speak with one of our licensed plumbers today about what we can do for you. And be sure to check out what our happy customers have to say.