The consequences of hard, rusty untreated water aren’t pretty: straw-like hair, itchy skin, discolored laundry, and stained appliances. With 60-plus years of experience, Indy Renovation and our related companies know the benefits that a water softener can provide property owners in Fishers, Carmel, and nearby Indianapolis areas.

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Why Treat Your Water?

Many people have grown accustomed to the benefits of a water treatment system. Removing the minerals from your hard water serves many purposes and can improve daily life in innumerable ways.

  • A conditioning system can prolong the life of appliances, such as faucets, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines, by removing minerals in the water that cause rust and decay. If you’ve invested in a recent bathroom remodel, you want to prevent discoloration and buildup.
  • Water filters help conserve dishwashing soap and reduce or completely eliminate those hard-water stains that can form on your dishes and utensils.
  • Hard water and the small minerals it contains can damage your skin and hair. It can also distress the fibers in clothing and cause them to break down over time. A water softener neutralizes those minerals, effectively improving your overall appearance.
  • Conditioned water becomes soft and heats more quickly, reducing energy consumption when showering, washing dishes, and even cooking.
  • Properly installed, water softeners will reduce the chance of clogging your plumbing and drainage systems by limiting buildup.

Water Softeners vs. Water Conditioners

Although these two are sometimes interchangeable, they do have some fairly important differences. Water softeners do not typically remove all minerals from the water, but they will add in potassium or sodium to neutralize the “bad” minerals. On the other hand, a water conditioner filters out many of the minerals in hard water, including iron, and does not add salt or potassium.

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