If you’re looking for a quick and affordable bathroom remodeling project to give your bathroom a new look, a vessel sink might be the answer.

Drop-in Sinks vs. Vessel Sinks

Most homes have drop-in sinks, which are sinks that dip down into the vanity or countertop, creating a “valley effect.” Since drop-in sinks are so prevalent, a distinctive way to add interest to your bathroom is to change the style of sink. Instead of the traditional drop-in, try a vessel sink. These visually appealing sinks actually sit on top of the countertop, displaying the entire bowl-like vessel and creating an eye-catching contrast in height.

Bathroom Remodeling: Make a Bold Statement

Visitors and guests will love this modern, minimalist look when they see your bathroom. Since vessel sinks are available in countless sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors, you can use this as a great opportunity to coordinate with the colors of your bathroom, or get something that boldly stands out and adds character. Most stores that sell vessel sinks have everything from simple white porcelain bowls to multi-colored glass patterns and designs. Whether you choose a bright-blue rectangular vessel, or a patterned glass one with ribbed edges, this simple bathroom remodeling project will be a beautiful centerpiece for any bathroom.

Fashion and Functionality

In addition to being fashionable, a vessel sink is also functional in more ways than one. It not only provides a pleasant place to wash up, but it also gives you more storage space. Since the entire sink sits on the counter, it frees up much of the space in the cabinets below your sink—which is where the sink bowl would normally reside in a drop-in sink. Now you’ll have additional storage room for bath towels, cleaning supplies, tub toys, or anything else you store under the sink. This bathroom remodeling project singlehandedly gives you a new look and more space.

Finish the Look off with a Fun Faucet

Don’t forget to update your faucet to match your new sink. Try getting a unique design, like a touch-to-use faucet or a stainless steel pump to match the distinctiveness of your new sink. Minimalist designs like a single handle or waterfall faucet also make a statement (and make washing your hands fun, too!).

While some vessel sinks can quick be installed, others may require a little more plumbing and bathroom remodeling work. You might need to do minor countertop alterations, and some sinks might require a new bathroom vanity top. The easiest way to ensure a smooth installation is to call your local Indianapolis bathroom remodeler, Indy Renovation. We can make any alterations and install your sink quickly and easily.

Whether you just want us to install a vessel sink or you’d like an entire bathroom renovation, we look forward to making your house the home of your dreams. Contact us at 317-375-4464 to get a free in-home consultation.

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