Unless you’re a morning person, most of us start our day by rolling out of bed and stumbling mindlessly into the shower. We then stand there with our eyes closed, waiting for the hot water to wake us up.  Miraculously, a few minutes later we’re refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the day.  Loaded with more wake-up power than a strong cup of espresso, it’s the unsung hero of the bathroom is the shower.

Showers come in a variety of makes and models, with all different types of shower stalls, bathtubs and amenities to choose from. One aspect of the shower people tend to overlook is the shower head. There are several different types of shower heads available. All you need to do is pick your favorite type and call your local plumber to install it.  When you select specific attributes like one of these types of shower heads you have taken a step toward designing a custom shower.

Create a Custom Shower with Your Favorite Shower Head:

  • Handheld: This type usually attaches to a mounted wall bar and is perfect for bathrooms used to bathe children and pets. Seniors also often prefer this type of shower head because it can be used while sitting on a shower bench.
  • Rain Shower: This custom shower design is becoming more popular in modern homes. Usually hung from the bathroom ceiling rather than wall, the large circumference of the shower head allows water to fall over you, much like when someone is standing in the rain. If you currently have a shower head attached to your shower wall, a plumber will be able to install the showerhead so it hangs from the ceiling like intended.
  • Multi-Spray/Massaging: Offering a variety of water pressure from mist to pulsating massage, this shower head is perfect for those looking to design a custom bathroom spa.
  • Full Body Custom Shower Panels: For the ultimate shower experience, these walls mounted, multiple jet panels can be adjusted and repositioned to your liking.  Not exactly a water saver, but if you’re looking for a splurge item to create a custom shower that is designed exactly how you’d like it, full body shower panels are the way to go.

If you are looking for a bathroom remodel that includes a custom shower, or you’re just looking to update your current shower design, one of these shower heads is sure to do the trick. Indy Renovation can help you with any bathroom remodeling project from simply installing a new shower head to completely redesigning a bathroom with a custom shower. Contact us today at 317-375-4464 to speak with a bathroom design specialist or one of our knowledgeable plumbers.

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