In recent years, bathroom tile has gone from a practical and functional choice for flooring and shower surrounds to a design feature that packs an aesthetic punch. There are countless design options when it comes to bathroom tile, so making a selection isn’t always an easy task. If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your bathroom with tile that provides both function and style, the bathroom renovation experts at Indy Renovation recommend these top trends in bathroom tile for 2019. 

Bathroom Tile Trends

Graphic Tile Patterns

Graphic tiles are a great way for homeowners to show their creative sides and create a space with a little whimsy while also staying on trend. Fun patterns and bold colors look great on the floor or on the walls surrounding your tub or shower and provide an accent to a neutral bathroom. Currently, you can easily find encaustic ceramic tiles with patterns; however, patterned porcelain tiles are now being produced similarly. It’s safe to say that this is going to be a huge trend that will be sticking around for many years. 

Matte Finishes

Move over glossy tiles, matte finishes are here to stay. An advantage of matte tiles over glossy is that they do not show smudges and water marks as easily as glossy tiles do. This makes them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in busy bathrooms, as the low sheen makes them easier to maintain. Before installing matte finish tiles, make sure there is enough natural and artificial lighting in the room, as these tiles are not known for reflecting light.

Wood Planks for Flooring

To create a wood look with the practicality of tile, consider wood planks. With wood plank tile, you can customize size, allowing you to create ornate patterns such as herringbone. While realistic, wood-grained tiles are most common – like oak, maple, & cherry – there are lots of other finishes available to make them appear distressed, weathered, or white-washed.  Porcelain wood-grain tiles are perfect for the bathroom, since they offer greater stain- and water-resistance without sacrificing design aesthetics.

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