Indianapolis Custom TilesWhen many people think of a tile floor, the basic 12-inch by 12-inch beige porcelain squares come to mind. While these may be a popular option, you can find many more custom tile options out there. So as you consider tile for your bathroom floor, check out the types of tile our bathroom-remodeling experts at Indy Renovation often recommend.

1. Glass

Many homeowners choose glass for design or detail work. You often see a row of mini glass tiles lining the shower walls, or you may even see a few strategically placed glass tiles intermixed on a floor. Those glass tiles often become a statement piece that can add visual interest or even a pop of color.

2. Ceramic

A common floor tile choice is ceramic. It’s selected both for its wide range of design options and also its durability. You can find ceramic tile everywhere from a bathroom to a kitchen to an entryway in many homes.

3. Subway tile

You’ve probably noticed the recent resurgence of white subway tile on many home design TV shows or in magazines. While currently in fashion, porcelain subway tile also can withstand quite a bit and is a classic choice that doesn’t age quickly.

4. Stone

Are you a fan of the natural look? You can choose custom stone tiles that make you feel like you’re walking through a babbling brook in your own shower! From large to tiny stones, you can find many options when it comes to these tiles.

5. Mosaic

If you’re looking for a truly unique look, then consider mosaic tiles. These intricate patterns and designs are often paired with beautiful colors that can really make a statement.

6. Slate

A modern-looking, durable option (especially for walk-in showers) is slate tile. This type of tile tends to last a long time and has a very unique look that can enhance your bathroom’s overall design.

7. Faux hardwood

Do you like the hardwood floor look, but you’re afraid of water damage in your bathroom? Then opt for the faux hardwood porcelain tile. You can get that wood look you love without worrying it’s going to warp every time you step out of the shower.

For more information on these custom tiles or for a quote on expert installation, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464. We can help you find the tile that works for you.

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