You’re about to embark on bathroom remodeling, and you’re ready for that beautiful, new, custom shower. But before you begin ripping out walls or buying flooring, consider these few shower ideas from Indy Renovation.

custom shower

1. Custom Tile

When you are including a custom shower in your bathroom remodeling plans, you also want to choose tile that’s unique and fits your style. Don’t go fiberglass! Instead, ask your bathroom remodeler about your custom tile options.

2. Frameless Shower Doors

Want your custom shower to look sleek and sophisticated? Consider including frameless, glass shower doors. These glass partitions can make your bathroom look bigger and more modern.

3. Steam

Imagine taking a long, hot steam shower after a difficult day. Your muscles will unwind and you can begin to relax. Steam is one luxury shower feature on which many bathroom remodeling customers love to splurge.

4. Shower Seat

No more trying to shave, balancing on one leg! Install a shower seat for added convenience and comfort. Plus, if you install that steam feature, you can just sit and breathe as your stress melts away.

5. Multiple Showerheads

You’ve always wanted a rain showerhead, but you also like the power of some of the more traditional models as well. How do you choose? Don’t. Include multiple showerheads into your custom shower design.

6. Lighting

When you think of the shower, lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you want a relaxing shower or steam, you may want the lights to be dimmer. For quick showers that focus on function, more light may help you get the job done faster. Ask your bathroom remodeler what type of shower-lighting options you might have.

These custom shower features are just a few from our expansive catalog of options. Check out what satisfied customers have said about their experiences with Indy Renovation, and contact us at (317) 375-4464 for a bathroom remodeling quote.

photo credit: My Personal Bathroom via photopin (license)
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