For a properly functioning home, it’s imperative to keep your Indianapolis bathroom’s plumbing in order. When everything is flowing smoothly, the plumbing in your home can easily be taken for granted. When a serious plumbing issue arises, however, you can count on your Indy plumber to sort out the problem. This is the final installment in a 3-part series featuring home plumbing tips from the trusted professionals at Indy Renovation.

Step Up Your Game: You should, of course, call on a professional Indy plumber (like the seasoned crew at Indy Renovation) for plumbing emergencies, but it never hurts to pick up your own set of skills too.

Learning something like how to shut off the water if an emergency flood happens can reduce the amount of water damage caused by the flood and prevent you from spending even more money for plumbing repairs and bathroom remodeling projects.

Replace: In the previous edition of this blog series, we discussed updating your Indianapolis home’s out-of-date pipes to save money and future hassle. The same goes for fixtures and appliances.

If you’ve tried to repair the same leaky or constantly running toilet over and over again, chances are it has run its course and needs to be replaced. Perpetually running toilets and leaky faucets don’t just look/sound bad; they can quietly deplete your bank account for years if gone unnoticed.

Trust the Professionals: Even if you’ve picked up a few helpful plumbing skills, don’t try to tackle any projects you don’t feel comfortable with. For emergencies or massive plumbing projects that are too big for one man (or woman), contact Indy Renovation at 317-375-4464. Our knowledgeable, professional Indy Plumber crew can handle any plumbing problem that comes its way.

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