Well-maintained plumbing in your Indianapolis bathroom is an absolutely vital aspect of good home care. When the plumbing in your home is functioning properly, you most likely don’t give it a second thought. But when a pipe bursts, or toilet water is cascading down onto the tile, it’s time to call your trusted plumber in Indianapolis. This is part 2 in a 3-part series about things your plumber wants you to know.

Below are some more helpful tips from your experienced plumber in Indianapolis, Indy Renovation.

Garbage Disposal: The bathroom isn’t the only part of the house that can develop plumbing issues. Avoid dumping food scraps into your garbage disposal to prevent serious kitchen plumbing problems. It’s difficult for the garbage disposal to break down fibrous foods, and this could lead to a clogged drain and a stinky sink. So, try to dispose of most scraps in the trash instead.

Water Heater: Here’s another tip your Indianapolis plumber wants you to consider: the water heater is an often forgotten or neglected piece of equipment in the home. Water heater maintenance is simple – flush the tank once a year, and check the anode once a year for rust and oxidation. If you want to prevent shelling out a hefty sum for a brand new water heater, be sure to perform these simple maintenance steps.

Update: If you have an older home, chances are your home may have old pipes and hoses that could use an update. If you want to avoid expensive plumbing work in the future, bite the bullet and have your plumbing revamped with modern equipment. This could save you significant money and prevent headaches down the road.

Follow these simple plumbing care tips to keep your bathroom in great condition. If you’re encountering issues and don’t know where to turn, contact Indy Renovation at 317-375-4464. As your go-to plumber in Indianapolis, we’ll be able to alleviate plumbing problems and help you prevent them from happening again.

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