If you’re going to begin the process of remodeling your bathroom soon, don’t settle. Make sure that the end result is exactly what you envisioned. This is the second installment of a 3-part series about getting the most out of your next bathroom remodel.

In our last edition, we discussed budget, trying out fixtures, and lighting. Today we’ll delve into some more important aspects of your bathroom remodeling project.

Floors: Consider what you’re going to need out of your bathroom floor. Sturdy, durable materials like natural stone and ceramics are ideal and work well in moist environments. If you choose a lesser-quality material, you may find yourself shelling out even more money for bathroom floor repairs. Go for quality the first time, and don’t end up kicking yourself.

Storage: Once you get all of your necessities into the bathroom, it can start getting rather crowded. Cut down on the clutter by meticulously organizing your bathroom’s contents. Storage containers, baskets, and smartly placed shelving can be your best friend when you start feeling claustrophobic.

Style: Part of the appeal of a bathroom remodel is that you get to determine the style of the fixtures and look of the space. A fresh, new custom shower from Indy Renovation could be just the accent you’ve been looking for to make your bathroom pop.

Indy Renovation is the go-to spot for custom showers, bathroom vanity tops and all bathroom remodeling in Indianapolis needs. Contact us today at 317-375-4464 and let us help turn your bathroom nightmare into the luxurious spa of your dreams.

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