When taking on a new bathroom renovation project, you have the choice to modernize or go for a more timeless design. While modern products and layouts offer built-in technology updates, a timeless look will ensure that your bathroom holds its beauty for years to come. Continue reading for some timeless bathroom design ideas from the team at Indy Renovation.

Timeless Design Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation

Natural Stone

When it comes to natural building materials, stone is about as timeless as it gets. Due to its durability, stone has been used to build some of humanity’s greatest marvels. Because of this, stone has come to stand for tenacity, grace, and even eternity. As a result, it is ideal for your classic bathroom and will never go out of style. Stone can be used extensively for tiling, countertops, and other major features, or you can just utilize it as an accent. For example, little features of marble, granite, or even an engineered stone like quartz would look fantastic in a walk-in shower with gray tile.

Freestanding Bathtub

The height of bathroom luxury is a freestanding bathtub. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in the tub. And who wants to soak in a shower-tub combination? Freestanding baths, a mainstay of human hygiene for millennia, exude beauty whether you choose a classic claw-foot tub, a hammered Copper tub, or a sleek, contemporary fixture. They also act as the focal point of your bathroom and add structure to your design. Standalone bathtubs are a wise investment for your bathroom renovation because their popularity is not expected to fade.

High-Quality Fixtures

There is a reason premium fixtures are more expensive. In the end, you want a timeless bathroom that will be comfortable, useful, and beautiful for years to come. The quality and durability of these components offer them a longer lifespan and higher performance. Prioritize quality and longevity when budgeting your bathroom remodel throughout the design phase to maximize your return on investment.

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