While the winter months are usually associated with holiday plans, family time, and hunkering down indoors to avoid the cold, they can also be a great time to tackle a bathroom remodel. You may be afraid to dive into a project during the already potentially stressful holiday season, but your friends at Indy Renovation will make sure that your project will be stress-free and handled with the professionalism and quality craftsmanship that the central Indiana community has come to expect. Here are some factors to consider when planning your winter bathroom remodel. 

Winter Bathroom Remodel


Contractors are usually pretty busy throughout the spring and summer when everyone else wants to start their remodel project. With this higher demand, costs can be higher and schedules tighter. The winter months can create some unique opportunities to get competitive pricing and flexible scheduling. If your contractor isn’t as busy, he might be able to get your project done even faster!

Holiday Travel

Can you think of a better time to have an unusable bathroom than when you are out of town? The holiday season usually brings lots of holiday travel, events, and parties, so you won’t be needing your bathroom anyway. You can also use your remodel as an excuse to let someone else host family members this year!

Sell in Spring

Most homeowners who are planning to sell their houses do so in the spring and summer. This is why you should start your remodel projects in the winter instead of waiting until spring. You will be ahead of the game and will be ready to list early, before the spring rush. In choosing Indy Renovation to handle your bathroom remodel, you will love the final product and your updates will undoubtedly increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell.

Don’t wait another minute to get your winter bathroom remodel scheduled with Indy Renovation. We proudly serve the Indianapolis area, including Fishers and Carmel, so contact us today at (317) 375-4464 to set up a free, in-home consultation.

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