Is your bathroom feeling a bit cramped? Are you looking for ways to maximize the small space? Check out these small bathroom remodeling ideas from Indy Renovation.

Install a pedestal sink.

If you want to create more floor space or give the illusion of space, get rid of that bulky vanity and put in a pedestal sink. These stand-alone sinks take up very little space, but still get the job done.

Think upward.

If you need more storage solutions for your small bathroom, consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. While that top shelf might be hard to reach, it’s still valuable storage space for your lesser-used items. Plus, you avoid having to expand storage outward, thus taking up less space in your bathroom.

Trade in your tub for a shower.

If you’re not a bubble bath fanatic, get rid of that soaker tub that takes up a good amount of your bathroom’s square footage and put in a custom shower.

Choose a light, neutral paint color.

You may not create more space, but you can make your bathroom feel more spacious with a lighter paint color. You may also want to add a large mirror, which can give the feeling of a bigger bathroom.

Upgrade to a glass shower door.

By installing a clear, glass shower door, you can get rid of that shower curtain. Doing so will make your bathroom feel like you’ve extended it by another few feet. You can use all or one of these bathroom remodeling ideas as you decide how to make the best use of your space. If you need additional bathroom remodeling ideas or are ready to begin your bathroom remodel, call Indy Renovation. Indy Renovation is Indianapolis and Carmel’s premier bathroom remodeling company. We’ve won the Consumer’s Choice Award for Indiana’s best bathroom remodeler for the last five years, a trend we intend to continue. Be sure to also check out our customer testimonials. You can make an appointment for a consultation, additional bathroom remodeling ideas, and quote by calling the Indy Renovation office at (317) 375-4464.
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