Are you tired of wasting your valuable time scrubbing and spraying hard-to-clean dishes at the kitchen sink? Kohler thinks it may have the solution for you – its new Sweep-spray faucet. Kohler purports that its new sweep-spray technology will be a welcome addition to any homeowner’s kitchen, and Indianapolis plumbing professionals may start becoming more familiar with this faucet option in the future. According to Kohler, meal-time cleanup will be a snap with Sweep-spray technology, which utilizes a powerful “blade” of water, whereas traditional faucets spray in only a circular pattern. The Indianapolis plumbing specialists of Indy Renovation see how this blade of water could make it easier to spray underneath and remove grease and grime from dishes, thus saving you time. It could also actually save you water in the long run, because fewer rags at the sink means less laundry that needs to be done. From a February 4, 2014 press release via Kohler:

“Kohler continues to transform the way homeowners use water with its pioneering new Sweep spray technology: an innovation that replaces circular pattern sprays with a wide, powerful blade of water. ‘We are thrilled to introduce this leading-edge spray to those looking for powerful performance from their kitchen faucet,’ said Sarah Fitzsimmons, product manager Kohler Kitchen Faucets. ‘This revolutionary spray gives the user more control that makes the mundane task of kitchen clean-up quick and easy.’ Sweep spray uses specially angled nozzles to create a forceful and uniform blade of water that slices through dirt and debris effortlessly. It provides precise water delivery that achieves superior results in cleaning dishes as well as sink basins and their edges and corners. This revolutionary spray is introduced on four existing Kohler faucets: Cruette, Bellera, and Simplice with a three-function sprayhead: Sweep, aerated stream and pause; and the Sensate faucet with a two-function sprayhead: Sweep and aerated stream…”
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