We all rely on our water supply each and every day. Your well pump is crucial to keeping water flowing in your home. When issues start to arise, it may be time for a well pump replacement. Generally speaking, your well pump could last for 10 to 15 years. Here are some signs your well pump may be hitting the end of its life from the experts at Indy Renovation.

Signs You Need a Well Pump Replacement

Water Pressure

When your water pressure starts to drop, that’s a pretty surefire sign your well pump is having some issues. There are, however, other causes that could affect your water pressure, so it’s best to have a professional plumber diagnose the exact problem for you.

Pump Noises

If you’ve been living with a well pump for some time, you probably have a pretty solid idea of how it normally sounds. If that sound changes and you start to hear new rattles, thumps, or hums it’s time to call up your plumber.

Water Stops

This one is probably a bit obvious, but if your faucets stop running water, then there is definitely an issue with your well pump. If the pump fails completely, that means there will be no running water in any faucets or toilets.

Higher Bills

Another potential sign that your well pump is failing is a climbing utility bill. You likely have an idea of what your average utility bill costs. A failing pump will need to work harder which means more electricity consumption. If your bills go up, especially with another previously mentioned issue, that’s another solid sign.

If you’re having plumbing issues or need a well pump replacement, Indy Renovation is here to help. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We can also handle any pipe repairs and sump pump installations. You can contact us today at (317) 375-4464 to ask about our specials or to receive a free estimate.

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