In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in smart home devices. With the help of technology, you can control your kitchen appliances, monitor security cameras, play music, and so much more. Why not extend that useful technology into your next bathroom remodel? There are many ways to bring your bathroom into the future, from various smart faucets to heated floors. Here are just a few examples from the team at Indy Renovation.

New Technology for Your Bathroom Remodel

Smart Showerhead

With a smart shower, you may use your preferred smart device to control the water temperature, flow rate, length of the shower, and other features. Consistent water temperature, increased safety, remote control, and water and energy savings are some of the key advantages of smart showers. Thermostats are used in these showers to maintain a constant water temperature and avoid erratic swings. To prevent you (or your children) from getting burned by hot water, there are also restrictions on how hot the water can reach. This is one of the most opted-for additions in a modern bathroom remodel.

Smart Lighting

High-intensity LED lights, known as chromatherapy lights, are capable of being adjusted digitally. Different colors of light can invoke different emotions and allow you to set the atmosphere as romantic or relaxing for example. The majority of gadgets offer a range of hue, intensity, and brightness options. Long day at work? A soothing spa experience may be created right in your bathroom by combining chromatherapy lighting with aromatherapy, sound therapy, thermotherapy, and hydrotherapy.

Smart Mirror

A built-in display on an interactive LED mirror, also known as a smart mirror, shows the time, traffic conditions, the weather, breaking news, reminders, and appointment times. You may communicate with other smart home appliances and ask your mirror questions. Perhaps you want to look up a new recipe while brushing your hair. Your bathroom will seem futuristic and your morning routine will be delightful thanks to an interactive LED mirror.

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