Feel stressed out over the seemingly limitless decisions that must be made for your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project? The people at American Standard think they may have a solution for you – a “How-To-Buy Guide for the Bathroom.”

This e-book is designed to take away some of the stress that comes with remodeling a bathroom by letting users browse several options for appliances, fixtures, remodeling ideas, and more without taking a trip to the home improvement store.

The new e-book could be a time saver for people who are too busy to head to the store or thoroughly research options on their own time, but some might feel it takes away from the experience of physically choosing the layout of your bathroom. What do you think? Could a resource like this be beneficial to homeowners, or does it just turn your bathroom remodel into a smartphone game?

Via an October 10, 2013 Press Release from American Standard:

”PISCATAWAY, N.J., Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the fall home improvement season, American Standard has released the How-To-Buy Guide for the Bathroom, an essential tool for homeowners trying to navigate the often overwhelming array of bathroom remodeling ideas and products.

Written by the company’s Brand Education Director, Gray Uhl, the e-book covers every inch of the bathroom, from faucets to sinks to toilets to tubs. ‘Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting process, but there are so many choices to be made that the work can easily become stressful and confusing,’ said Uhl. ‘This e-book can help homeowners understand their options and then choose the products that will best suit their tastes and needs.’

The How-to-Buy Guide offers general advice to help begin the remodeling process. It examines the many installation choices in each product category ― for example, undermount vs. vessel sink, high efficiency vs. standard flush toilet, single or two handle faucet ― to help readers choose the right type of product for their bathroom and their families’ requirements.

All the basic elements of each type of bath product are explained so that homeowners can easily understand the different alternatives available to them. This leaves more time for the ‘fun’ choices such as selecting colors, finishes and design styles.”

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