When you get a glass of water from the sink, all you’re glugging down is a nice cup of H2O, right? That’s actually false. Almost all the water found in the United States is hard water, meaning it’s contaminated with dissolved minerals, such as calcium, sulfur, and limestone. These minerals can have negative implications on your body and the household. Hard water can cause yellow stains and deposits on plumbing fixtures as well as shorten the life of washing machines.

Water Softeners in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis PlumbersIf you’re wondering how to solve the hard water issue in your Indianapolis home, look no further than Indy Renovation. Our expert plumbers have a vast range of knowledge and experience with installing water softeners. These water treatment systems “soften” the water by eliminating the minerals. Here are some differences you’ll notice when you switch to soft water:

  • Showering: You’ll find that soap and shampoo lathers better when you have a water softener. Soft water will also make your hair and skin feel cleaner and not as dry. When it comes to cleaning, there will be no more grime and mineral deposits on the tub, shower, and sink.
  • Laundry loads: Clothes may be brighter and softer thanks to your new system. Water softeners improve the life of clothing and linens up to 33%. Since your washing machine doesn’t have to work as hard, you can expect the longevity of your machine to increase as well.
  • Kitchen duty: If hard water left a gray film on your dishes, you’ll be pleased to find that a water softener will make dishes sparkle like new.

Our Indianapolis Plumbers

When a plumber from Indy Renovation installs a new softening system, your daily life will change in numerous ways. From healthy hair to longer-lasting appliances, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch over to soft water sooner. Make the change to a water softener today — call our experts at (317) 375-4464.

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