According to a recent press release from Moen, many people are relocating to urban centers for the faster pace, livelier atmosphere, and smaller houses or apartments. In recent history, most families have sought after the quiet, if not somewhat boring, comfort of outlying suburbs. Whatever the reason behind this new trend of urban relocation, people from across all demographics in cities like Cincinnati and Indianapolis are finding solace in more diverse (and somewhat crowded) portions of metropolitan areas.

Moving into properties with smaller living areas means that homeowners and renters will have to adjust to more quaint surroundings in their living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Bathroom remodeling in Indianapolis will be a must for many of these Circle City dwellers to make sure that there’s enough space in the commode for everyone in the family. Swapping out traditional tubs for custom showers, or creating smart storage above the bathroom door or in negative space behind the vanity mirror and cabinet doors, are ideal ways to start making a smaller bathroom seem more spacious.

Check with the Indy Renovation blog for even more tips on making your bathroom the stylish and functional sanctuary you deserve.

From a November 20, 2013 press release via Moen:

“North Olmsted, Ohio… These days, you don’t need a big house to live large. Instead of spacious floor plans in subdivisions or planned communities, many of today’s homeowners are drawn to life in urban centers. From empty nesters, to young professionals and single men and women, metropolitan living is drawing more residents… and they’re not just renting. These consumers are forfeiting square footage for style and efficiency, purchasing smaller space homes in urban environments that make the finer things in life more affordable and accessible, all while being close to work and a vibrant lifestyle.

For the first time in more than nine decades, the major cities of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas grew faster than their combined suburbs. This trend, identified by Moen’s department of consumer and market insights in the second article in the Moen Watch three-article series, demonstrates a shift in home ownership from suburban to metro areas or as Moen calls it: ‘Urban Uprising.’

‘This idea of Urban Uprising is one we’ve continued to watch and it’s especially interesting because it goes against what we’ve thought was true for years — that bigger is better,’ explains Jack Suvak, senior director of consumer and market insights, Moen. ‘In 2012, we started to see this trend gain momentum with urban population and downtown occupancy increasing. But now, migration toward city centers is accelerating, and smaller space living provides great convenience and appeal to today’s consumer.’”

Click here to view the entire press release.

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