In case you didn’t know, January is National Bath Safety Month. According to a recent press release from Moen®, almost 200,000 bathroom-related accidents and injuries occur each year. In most of these cases, it is children and the elderly who slip and fall while attempting to perform routine bathroom duties, such as getting in and out of the tub for a bath or scrubbing shower walls.

Nobody wants to see their most vulnerable loved ones suffer injuries, so in honor of the upcoming National Bath Safety Month, Moen® has suggested some tips to make the bathroom a safer environment for everyone. From bathroom remodeling steps to simply keeping bath-time amenities easily within reach, there are plenty of ways for you to make your Indianapolis bathroom a relaxing, and injury-free, space.

From an October 30, 2013 press release from Moen®:

“North Olmsted, Ohio…Have you ever taken a tumble in the bath? You’re not alone. Slips and falls are common in this small and slippery space — and among all age groups. As part of National Bath Safety Month in January, Moen® Home Care® is educating consumers about the facts surrounding hidden dangers in the bathroom as well as five easy tips to make every bath a safe and stylish bath. Facts • There are nearly 200,000 bathroom accidents per year.

o Children under five and adults over 70 have the highest rate of unintentional falls in the home.

• Every day in the U.S., 370 people of all ages suffer bathtub or shower-related injuries.

o 27% of women admit to falling while pregnant, and 10% experience two of more falls in the bath.

The most challenging, and potentially dangerous bathroom activity, is getting in and out of a bathtub safely.

o Many rely on items that are not designed to support body weight, such as towel bars, soap dishes and shower doors

Five Easy Ways to Make Every Bath a Safe Bath

o Keep bath items — like shampoo — within easy reach.

o Install tread strips for secure footing in the bath.

o Add a nightlight to illuminate your nighttime visits to the bath.

o Try a tub grip for extra stability when transitioning in and out of the bathtub.

o Mount a hand grip or grab bar for safe transition in and out of the bath.

  • Moen Home Care offers nine-inch designer hand grips, available in the most popular finishes, to provide peace of mind and security.
  • Moen offers a variety of designer grab bar styles and finishes to fully coordinate with the rest of your bath. Designer Grab Bars with Accessories combine a grab bar with common essentials, such as a towel bar, paper holder, or wall shelf.”
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