Unfortunately, there is no bathroom remodeler fairy that can wave a wand and magically add square footage to your bathroom. However, if you want to make your small bathroom feel larger—without actually enlarging it—keep reading. Below are several tips that will help you reclaim the space in your bathroom—and make the most of every square inch.

Downsize Your Appliances; Upgrade Your Space

When dealing with a confined area, going for the sleek, minimalist look is often best. That means that any large, bulky appliances should be replaced with a more streamlined version.

The Vanity of Vanities: One of the largest space monopolizers in any bathroom is a big vanity. Guests don’t need a sprawling vanity countertop, especially in a small, hallway bathroom where the primary goal is washing up. If you dump the bulk for a sleeker, more streamlined vanity, you’ll acquire several extra inches of unoccupied space in your bathroom. Better yet, try to make the space your vanity is using even more functional by buying a vanity with an under-the-sink cabinet or drawer to store towels, soap, spare toilet paper, and any other bathroom necessities. As you can see, a sleek vanity with storage will complement your petite bathroom well.

The Trouble with Tubs: The second largest space hog in a bathroom is a tub. If your small bathroom has a tub, you can get 15-20 inches of extra space by trading it in for a standing shower, since showers are smaller. Also, a standing shower with a see-through glass enclosure gives the bathroom the illusion of being more spacious, because you can see the entire room. However, the floor-to-ceiling shower curtains that tubs usually sport hide the tub, making the bathroom appear smaller than it really is. Before you decide whether to make the space-saving trade, consult with your plumber or bathroom remodeling experts to see if you will need any plumbing work. Sometimes the drain needs moved, which makes the project a little more expensive.

Thoughtful Décor

While measurements certainly do come into play, saving a few inches here and there is not the only way to make your bathroom seem larger. In fact, trying different décor can visually add several square feet to your bathroom. Below are a few tricks to making the space you have seem even bigger:
  • Use light paint colors. Dark colors make a space seem smaller, but light colors reflect light and open it up.
  • Install good lighting. Nothing makes a bathroom look smaller than dreary, dim lighting.
  • Strategically place a decorative mirror. Because of their reflective abilities, mirrors make rooms look larger than they really are.
  • Think through your décor placement. Place pictures, shelves, and any other decor on different walls, and at differing heights. This draws the eye around the room, making it appear larger.
  • Don’t over decorate! Too many doilies, picture, and decorations make a bathroom seem smaller than it is. Remember, less is more. Go minimal with the decorations.

If you live near Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, or a neighboring area, Indy Renovation can help make your tiny bathroom feel more spacious. With over 50 years in the home renovation business, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality work at affordable prices. Contact us today at 317-375-4464 to get a free quote on your bathroom today.

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