Hard water plagues many Indianapolis homes and, while it is generally not harmful to drink, the minerals in hard water cause a variety of problems. Issues like clogged pipes and a shortened lifespan for household appliances are just a few that you’re likely to experience. If you’re tired of mineral deposits, a water treatment system can help solve your water issues. Your friends on the plumbing team at Indy Renovation have put together a quick list of benefits of investing in a water treatment system today.

Water Treatment Systems

1. Fight Hard Water Stains

There is nothing more frustrating than pulling your clean dishes out of the dishwasher only to find white film all over them. A water softener installed by one of our plumbers can drastically reduce or even eliminate these stains left behind by hard water—prolonging the life and look of your dishes and utensils.

2. Protect Your Appliances

Using hard water in appliances like a coffee maker or washing machine causes mineral deposits to build up over time. If your coffee maker isn’t brewing as quickly as it used to, it is likely a result of hard water. A water conditioner can help minimize damage by removing the harmful minerals in your water.

3. Reduce Your Energy Bill

Lets face it, we all get excited at the prospect of lowering a monthly bill or two. And a water conditioner can actually lower your energy bill! Water that is free of harmful minerals flows more freely through residential plumbing and heats faster. Therefore, your home’s systems don’t have to work quite as hard and expend as much energy.

Both water softeners and water conditioners can enhance your Indianapolis, Carmel, or Fishers home. You may decide to install a water treatment system independently or as part of a bathroom remodel. To talk to a certified plumber or schedule a water testing, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464.

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