Most households are designed with adults in mind. Shelves, countertops, and light switches are often just out of reach for any kids living in the house. While this may keep them away from harmful cleaning agents and beauty supplies, it may leave them feeling left out. Indy Renovation, your go-to Indy bathroom remodeler, has some tips for making your home’s bathroom more kid-friendly.

Below are some helpful hints from Indy Renovation for making your kids feel more comfortable in the bathroom.


Want to cut down on the inevitable mess your children will cause in the bathroom? Make it easier for them to perform their duties by making important bathroom features easily accessible. A step stool for the sink and vanity countertop is a great way to start. You can even have a step stool built into your vanity if you don’t want to risk tripping over it on a late- night run to the commode.

You could also install some lower shelving to keep their bath-time necessities within reach. Call on your trusted Indy bathroom remodeler to talk about more bathroom remodeling updates that could make your powder room more kid-friendly.

Keep the Future in Mind

If your kids have their own bathroom, it’s important to keep the future in mind when choosing the décor. They won’t always love airplanes and princesses, so painting the walls with neutral tones or using removable decals to decorate is a smart way to avoid repainting or wallpapering a new design every year.

Have Fun

They’re not going to stay young for long, so indulge your kids’ creativity and imagination. Ask your kids what they think the bathroom should look like. If it’s not impossible or too outlandish, let them see their design come to life. Not only will this make the bathroom more accommodating to your kids, but the sense of accomplishment they feel after seeing their creation realized will be well worth any cleanup that may ensue.

For professional help from a trusted Indy bathroom remodeler, contact the experts of Indy Renovation at (317) 375-4464. We’ll be more than happy to get started on making your bathroom a relaxing retreat for everyone in the family.

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