Growing older can be a rather daunting experience; chores and daily routines that were once second nature can sometimes become near impossible to accomplish. We can, however, help to alleviate some of the stress by making life’s most basic tasks a bit easier. Today we have some Indianapolis bathroom remodeling tips for creating a senior-friendly bathroom.

Below are some helpful tips for making your home’s facilities accessible to everyone in the family from the Indianapolis bathroom remodeling experts of Indy Renovation.


Here’s a quick look at some devices to include in your bathroom remodel that can make the daily bathroom routine much easier and safer for seniors:

• Vanity and shower seating to avoid standing for extended periods of time

• Walk-in tubs and non-skid flooring to prevent potentially dangerous falls

• Consider expanding door frame to allow wheelchair access for seniors with mobility concerns


As we age, our senses and strength diminish. To ensure a bathroom is senior-friendly, make sure that all of the necessary bathroom functions can be easily performed. This can include keeping storage at a personalized height and swapping out faucet handles that twist for levers. Lighting is also a key element that should be updated to accommodate aging eyes.


Along with senses and physicality, our memories can also begin to fade as we advance in age. That’s why it’s important to include elderly loved ones’ suggestions when designing the layout of their new senior-friendly bathroom. Give them the opportunity to arrange and organize the bathroom to their individual tastes and it will be much easier for them to remember and navigate the space if they suffer memory loss in the future.

If you want to renovate a bathroom to make it more comfortable for an aging loved one, contact Indy Renovation at 317-375-4464 today. Our seasoned crew of Indianapolis bathroom remodeling specialists will be more than happy to get work for you.

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