Winter if finally retreating to its icy cave somewhere in the north, and homeowners in Indiana couldn’t be happier. We will finally be able to wipe away this long, harsh winter’s mark on the state and allow the seasonal change to usher in warmer air and some much needed sunshine. Today we have some Indianapolis bathroom remodeling tips to help you and your home welcome spring with open arms.

Below are some helpful tips for making your bathroom spring-ready from the Indianapolis bathroom remodeling professionals of Indy Renovation.

Lighten Up: With winter’s gray and dreary skies, injecting a splash of spring-inspired colors could be a welcome change of pace. For your next bathroom remodel, consider implementing light blues, greens, and bright yellows to provoke a happier aesthetic in the powder room. As the first and last room most of us visit daily, having a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom can be beneficial for your mental health as well as your home’s appeal.

Spring Cleaning: You may normally dread spring cleaning, but after this never-ending winter, some homeowners may actually be looking forward to the chore. Spring is the ideal time of year to take stock of your bathroom and clean house. Make sure to throw out old appliances or unusable grooming products, deep clean everything, and inspect the whole space for signs of mold buildup.

Start Big Projects Now: While spring cleaning and inspecting the bathroom, you may encounter cracks in the tub or mold growth. Make sure to address any issues of this nature immediately. Starting small bathtub refinishing or mold remediation projects now can save a great deal of money and trouble down the road. If neglected, minimal issues could transform into major problems that can be very expensive to remedy.

Spring is a time of renewal and celebration, and when you renew your home with our Indianapolis bathroom remodeling services, you’ll want to celebrate. Our crew of seasoned bathroom remodeling experts will turn your lackluster bathroom into the dream spa you deserve. Contact us today at 317-375-4464, and see what the Indy Renovation difference can mean for your home.

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