With advances in modern medicine and technology, seniors are enjoying longer, happier lives than ever. More and more elders are opting to spend their twilight years at home, as opposed to care facilities, and no one can blame them. There are some extra steps to take, however, when performing an Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project for your elderly loved ones.

Below, the Indianapolis bathroom remodeling experts of Indy Renovation have some tips to help get the bathroom ready for senior use.

Accessibility: During a bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider any physical limitations that seniors may have when going about daily tasks. Making sure the bathroom door has enough clearance to accommodate a wheelchair, having a toilet that’s the right height, and installing shower chairs are all great additions that will ensure they’ll be able to operate in the bathroom and maintain independence.

Safety: While independence is a major concern for bathroom design for seniors – so is safety. There are a few things to consider when planning the layout of an elder-friendly water closet. Grab bars will give them leverage to get up from the toilet, as well as in and out of the shower. Non-slip flooring will give them confidence to go about daily tasks without the fear of a devastating fall. Be sure to consult the person who will be regularly using the restroom to find out what their main safety concerns are beforehand.

Personality: Don’t sterilize the project! Let the person (or persons) who will be using the bathroom select décor that reflects their own personality. Just because the room needs be safe and functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

For help preparing a restroom for you or an elderly loved one, you can count on the Indianapolis bathroom remodeling professionals of Indy Renovation. Give us a call today at 317-375-4464, and we’ll be more than happy to put our capable hands to work for you.

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