Remodeling a bathroom is an enormous task that, at times, can feel overwhelming. There are many factors to take into consideration before starting your project. It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of tearing out the old, dated tile and knocking down walls; but, before you get ahead of yourself, it’s important to take certain steps to prepare. Our team at Indy Renovation has a few suggestions to help you make the most of your project.

How to Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel

Be Flexible

No matter the remodeling project, flexibility is a must. Even the most perfectly laid-out plans and budgets run into something unexpected. So before you even get started, do a few mental or emotional stretches, and get ready to be a bit more flexible than usual.

Create a Budget

The first step to any project is to create a budget. This will determine everything from the design to the layout, which is why it’s necessary to set your limits first. Some homeowners find it helpful to create their absolute dream bathroom, then slowly scale it back to a more affordable, realistic plan that will fit their budget. Additionally, while we do recommend being flexible with your expectations, we do not recommend being flexible with your budget. While adding a few upgrades isn’t a huge deal, adding too many can literally add up. Do yourself a favor and stick with your budget throughout the process so you won’t have huge regrets in the end.

Choose Your Contractor Wisely

Selecting the right contractor is, perhaps, the most important step. Take your time, read reviews, and talk to your friends and neighbors to find a quality company. You should also ask to see previous work of each contractor to ensure it is high quality and fits your personal style. Once you have found a trusted contractor that does quality work at an affordable rate, you are ready to begin your bathroom remodel!

If you’re in the Fishers, Carmel, or Indianapolis area, and you’re ready to start planning your bathroom remodel with Indy Renovation, contact us at (317) 375-4464 for more information or to set up a free consultation.

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