Your home’s pipes are a big investment that you rely on all day, every day. They are constantly operating, whenever you brush your teeth, flush the toilet, wash dishes, run the washing machine, or shower – your pipes are working hard! All that water and work can wear out your pipes over time, and they will become thin and start leaking. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to stop your pipes from eventually wearing out; however, with a little TLC and effort, you can slow the process and get your money’s worth. Follow these tips from the plumbers at Indy Renovation to keep your pipes from wearing out too quickly.

How to Make Your Pipes Last

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you are experiencing frequent clogs in your sink or bathtub, it can be tempting to use a chemical drain cleaner from the grocery store. However, those chemicals don’t know the difference between the clog and the pipes, and they will eat away at both. Regular use of chemical drain cleaners could inflict irreparable damage to your pipes. Instead, use a drain snake or call a professional plumber to resolve your clogs.

Never Ignore Leaks

Small leaks might not seem like a big deal, but they almost always are. The constant dripping of even the tiniest leak wears away at the connections in your pipes over time. And as the leaks wear away the pipe, they become bigger leaks which then wears away at your pipes even more! It becomes a vicious and very expensive cycle that is best dealt with early!

Don’t Flush Things That Shouldn’t Be Flushed

A toilet is not a trash can and shouldn’t be treated like one. So unless it’s human waste or toilet paper, don’t flush it! When you flush trash, wrappers, or similar items down the toilet, parts of these items can break off in your pipes. Over time, those broken-off pieces collect other debris and form clogs. Clogs cause undue pressure on the insides of your pipes. When the pressure grows too strong, the pipe walls can break and cause a leak.

Put pipe care and repair at the top of your priority list to reduce the risk of flooding, improve drinking water, and lower your monthly utility bills. Contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464 for more tips like these, or to schedule pipe replacement or repairs in Indianapolis.

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