Hot water is a luxury most of us would refuse to live without. Occasionally, your water heater may give out. Or, maybe it’s not meeting your current needs. When it comes time for a new water heater installation, make sure you purchase the right type of tank. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Indy Renovation.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater

The Size

Don’t automatically assume the old tank had the necessary heating capacity, even if you were delighted with it. You must, first, sum up how much hot water your household uses during the busiest period of a typical day in order to calculate that capacity. The “first-hour rating” (FHR) listed on each water heater’s yellow Energy Guide label, which represents your household’s “peak-hour demand” for hot water, should be quite close to this total. The FHR informs you of the volume of hot water a heater is capable of producing in an hour of heavy use. This is not the same as the volume that a tank can contain in gallons.

The Efficiency

Next, think about the energy factor (EF), which is the proportion of energy that a given model converts into hot water. A higher EF generally means more efficiency and lower costs. An EF of 1 would mean that a heater produces hot water using all of the energy it consumes. Of course, this is not possible. While a high EF is desirable, you must also consider the cost of the energy the heater uses to get a true picture of its operating costs. For instance, due to the greater cost of electricity versus gas, an electric heater with an EF of 0.8 will often cost more to operate than a comparable-sized gas heater with an EF of 0.6.

The Energy

Most water heaters use gas, electricity, or oil to generate energy to heat the water. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll want to be sure your home has the appropriate energy source to operate your water heater. Electric water heaters are lighter and more efficient, but as mentioned earlier, come with higher energy costs. Gas water heaters are all-around players but do not necessarily excel in any one area. They are cheaper to run than electric but do not heat as fast as oil. Oil water heaters are the fastest heating option, but the tanks are bulky and heavy.

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