Bathroom remodeling is tricky business. On the one hand, you want something functional that is built to last. On the other hand, you want to express your personal style. Choosing bathroom flooring can be particularly tricky because, let’s face it, between the dropped curling irons and wet feet, we put our bathroom floors through a lot of wear and tear. To help you choose a bathroom floor that’s both durable and on trend, turn to your friends at Indy Renovation.

How to Choose Bathroom Flooring

Check Out Your Options

While it can be fun to complete a DYI remodel, there are some pretty big benefits to enlisting the help of a professional. Our team can help you learn about all the different types of flooring, along with their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll let you look at every sample we have and help you determine which one is best for you.

Consider the Cost

The cost of flooring can add up quickly, even with the most cost-effective choices. So many homeowners opt for tile (either ceramic or porcelain) to get the best value without sacrificing style.

Don’t Forget About the Moisture

As you choose your floor, remember what happens in the bathroom – it’s a high moisture room! You want to select a flooring that can stay in good shape despite constant contact with water, hair spray, and any other liquids you might use in the bathroom.

Consider Your Bathroom’s Future

The whole point of a bathroom remodel is to update your space and personalize it to your taste. However, as you choose the flooring, don’t choose something that’s so trendy it will be out of style in a year. Our team can help you find a flooring option that suits both modern and classic design styles that are sure to last.

To find out more about all your flooring options or to schedule a consultation for your bathroom remodel in Indianapolis, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464.

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