Bathroom vanity tops serve a very important role in the home, one that could be easily overlooked. They need to be durable and capable to standing up to water, soap, and cosmetics while providing ample workspace and looking beautiful. There are several options in vanity top materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. The bathroom experts at Indy Renovation know what to look for in a vanity top and recommend considering these materials for your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Tops


With tile you can create a variety of looks depending on the colors and patterns you choose. You can really let your artist juices flow when designing your vanity tops. They are durable and somewhat easy to clean. However, the downside to tile is maintenance of the grout. Grout lines trap gunk and can be difficult to clean. But if you are able to stay up on cleaning, tile could work well for you.


Economical and available in a range of finishes (including those that look like solid surface or granite), laminate is a go-to vanity top material because of its versatility. It stands up to water and is relatively stain-proof. However, it will burn, dull, and dent.

Solid Surface

Quartzite materials provide a beautiful look while being very durable. They can withstand heat, and scratches are easily buffed out with a fine-grade sandpaper. The cost is comparable to marble and granite. 

Marble and Granite

In a master bath, marble and granite will attract future buyers and give your vanity an extra touch of luxury. There are more affordable grades of granite available today so you don’t have to break the bank to look great. Granite holds up to stains, water, grease, and heat. Marble stains and scratches more easily than granite, but looks rich, beautiful, and classic.

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom vanity top? Are you interested in a full remodel or just a few updates? No matter the size and scope of your project, Indy Renovation is here to help. For vanity tops, custom tile, custom baths and showers, and full plumbing services, contact us today at (317) 375-4464 to set up a free consultation. 





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