When hiring a contractor, you may often feel like you’re gambling. With so many plumbers out there in the Indianapolis area, with each one saying they’re the best, making the decision feels like a crapshoot. However, you can take out some of the guesswork when hiring a plumber by using these simple tips from our team at Indy Renovation.

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1. Take firsthand testimonials seriously.

If you know someone who has had a very good experience with a plumber, don’t discount their personal review. Knowing someone who has firsthand experience, someone to whom you can ask questions or see the work for yourself, is invaluable. Take great stock in recommendations from your friends or family members.

2. Don’t be wooed by the lowest rate.

Yes, we think that a good plumbing job should also be affordable. However, if a plumber’s rate or special coupon seems too good to be true, do your research before cashing in on their low offer. You want to make sure the plumber is legit, isn’t hiding any extra costs (like labor), and will not cut corners just to save a few bucks. Check out their customer reviews, and don’t be afraid to get a quote with all the details in writing.

3. Ask plenty of questions.

if you’re hiring a new employee, you interview them. Why should you treat someone you’re hiring to work on your home any differently? Make a list of questions you have for the potential plumber, and ask them. And before hiring him or her, be satisfied with the answers. You want to be comfortable with who will be working in your home.

4. Consider their reputation.

In addition to firsthand accounts from your trusted sources, be sure to also check out their reputation in the Indianapolis community. Read customer reviews, check out their credentials, and consider how long they’ve been in business.

If you’re looking for a plumber in the Indianapolis, Carmel, or Fishers area, be sure to check out our team at Indy Renovation. From pipe repair to sump pump installation to bathroom remodeling, our crew does it all. Read through our customer reviews, and contact us at (317) 375-4464 to ask a question or to schedule service.


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