Arguably the worst part about running to the bathroom in the middle of the night is flipping on the overhead light switch, only to be blinded and forced into a state of alertness, when all you want is to do your business and go right back to sleep. Kohler, however, thinks it has found a solution for this troubling problem – a nightlight.

Consider this for your next Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project from Indy Renovation: a toilet seat that doubles as a nightlight. It may seem like product specifically intended for parents of young children, but a nightlight toilet seat could be an ideal feature for any home. Anyone from potty-training toddlers to seniors living on their own, and even perfectly able-bodied people who just don’t want to be burdened by a harsh light in the middle of the night, would find a toilet seat nightlight to be an invaluable addition to the bathroom.

What we want to know, though, is what you think. Is Kohler’s toilet seat nightlight just a gimmick, or could this actually be a new trend to watch in 2014?

From a February 4, 2014 press release via Kohler:

KOHLER, Wis. – Feb. 4, 2014 – Lighting in the home has moved from simply functional overhead fixtures to uniquely designed lamps, above and below cabinet lighting, motion-sensored and timed devices, even in-floor lighting. Every space in the home has its own type of secondary light source, and now with the launch of the Kohler Nightlight toilet seat, so does the toilet.

‘Typically overhead lights are bright because daytime tasks call for well-lit spaces. But accessing the bathroom at night is a different story,’ says Jerry Bougher, marketing manager for Kohler toilet seats. ‘One of the fastest ways to ruin your chances of getting back to sleep easily is to turn on a harsh, bright overhead light in the bathroom. The Nightlight toilet seat offers a soft, non-disruptive alternative.’

The new Nightlight seat features a lighted hinge, illuminating the toilet space sufficiently to allow homeowners to leave the overhead lights off while using the bathroom at night – creating a soft ambiance in comparison to overhead lights. Nightlight casts enough light to allow homeowners easy use of the bathroom space.”

Click here to view the press release in its entirety.

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