No one likes to come home after a long day only to find their basement flooded from recent rains. Standing water can cause considerable damage to your home, including the growth of mold. The plumbers at Indy Renovation can help you avoid a flooded basement with one simple solution: a sump pump.

A sump pump helps keep groundwater out of your basement or crawl space, especially during heavy rains or a strong storm. You can also install a battery-powered backup sump pump in case the electricity goes out during a storm. That way, you don’t have to worry about water seeping into your basement.

Indy Renovation has more than 50 years of plumbing experience, and our plumbers can help you choose just the right sump pump for your space. All you have to do is schedule a consultation and get a free estimate from one of our plumbers. We’ll assess your space and help you find a quality sump pump you can depend on.

To schedule your free quote, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464. Indy Renovation serves the homeowners in and around Indianapolis and Carmel. In addition to sump pumps, our team also specializes in all things bathroom remodeling as well as water heaters, water conditioners, pipe repair, and more.

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