With Thanksgiving come and gone, Christmas is right around the corner. This means that if you volunteered to host a holiday party, now is the time to begin readying your home for the influx of people. While picking the perfect tree and decking the halls are important, don’t forget to make sure your bathroom is up to par, as well.

With dozens of people about to descend, you want your bathroom floors to gleam as much as that tinsel you’re hanging. However, if your washroom looks a little rough around the edges, you still have time for a quick makeover. In fact, just doing one or two quick and affordable bathroom remodeling projects can change the room’s entire look and feel—for the better. Below are a few steps to start the transformation:

  • Complete any needed repairs. Any preexisting problems are only exacerbated when visitors come. Having a plumber fix that leaking sink, running toilet, or inadequate water heater now will prevent any embarrassing malfunctions from happening later.
  • Replace dilapidated appliances. Toilets, showers, and tiling often get grungy quickly. If a good cleaning doesn’t revive their original sparkle, then it’s time to replace them with a new model.
  • Consider upgrading. Give yourself an early Christmas present by hiring a bathroom remodeler to replace your porcelain vanity with a granite or marble one. Better yet, now is the time to get that luxury item you’ve wanted for years, such as heated flooring or a spa shower.

If your bathroom is looking scruffy, you’ll be surprised at the difference a few simple (and affordable) renovations can make. At Indy Renovation we specialize in bathroom remodeling and plumbing projects of all varieties. Our hardworking professionals, affordable prices, and dedication to quality have given us a good reputation for over fifty years. We serve all of Central Indiana, including Indianapolis, Carmel, and Fishers. Contact us at 317-375-4464 to get a free quote today.

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