Replacing old showers with new custom showers can elevate a bathroom to the next level of comfort and relaxation. A newly installed custom shower is a great addition, as it adds value to your home and a spa-like retreat to your bathroom There are several solid surface bathroom remodeling options that are perfect when designing custom showers for your home. These solid surfaces not only look great, but also eliminate bathroom-cleaning hassles like moldy grout.

Custom Shower Designs

Large Tiles

You’re probably familiar with some of the tiles that can be readily found in any home improvement store.  There are  tiny mosaic tiles, standard-sized tiles, and larger rectangular  tiles to choose from.  These generally require extensive upkeep. If you want the tile look without the cleaning requirements, we recommend these tiles in the large size, and we mean LARGE. Using large custom tiles for your shower surround allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

Acrylic Shower Surrounds

Single unit shower surrounds are a low-cost alternative to a tile shower. One-piece units are hard to fit through a door in existing homes, but your custom shower contractor can easily install one in any new construction project. Otherwise, multi-piece units that fit together with silicone seams are the solution. You can even get prefabricated surrounds that have the look of tile, or you can choose from a range of solid colors.

Natural Stone

Natural stone varieties such as  marble, quartz, and other suitable materials can also be ordered by the wall.  They may cost more up front, but you’ll have reduced labor charges due to the short amount of time it takes for installation. Your custom shower contractor will need to account for the extra weight of the stones.

Custom Showers From Indy Renovation

If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom with a custom shower design with the use of large tiles, acrylic shower surrounds or natural stone, contact Indy Renovation. Indy Renovation has the track record that  sets us apart from our competitors. Having over five decades of experience creating and implementing custom shower designs, as well as general plumbing and installation of bathroom vanity tops, we have satisfied thousands of clients with bathrooms that offer a luxurious yet functional retreat from the daily grind. We are located in Indianapolis and serve the greater Indy areas of Carmel, Fishers, and their surrounding Indiana towns. Contact us today at 317-375-4464 and ask us how you can receive a free design and free estimate specific to  your custom showers or bathroom remodeling needs.
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