Your bathroom feels a little cramped these days, and you know that something needs to happen. Indy Renovation — a local expert in all things bathroom remodeling — can help you turn your small bathroom into a fully functional space you can use for years to come. Here are some ways we can do just that.

1. Maximize storage areas.

One of the reasons many small bathrooms feel cramped is that they don’t have enough storage for the items you need to have accessible. One tiny cabinet and a drawer will probably just not cut it. Instead, consider how you can add storage with a new bathroom vanity or perhaps by utilizing wall storage.

2. Choose a light paint color.

Darker paint colors can make things feel smaller. You may want to choose light, neutral paint colors for your walls, bathroom storage, and vanity tops. Even if you don’t move any walls, you’ll feel like the space has expanded.

3. Customize you shower with a frameless glass door.

Do you currently have a fiberglass tub or shower in your bathroom? Installing a custom shower, especially one with a frameless glass door, can help add some needed space and give the illusion of a bigger bathroom than if you were to use a shower curtain or opaque shower door. Granted, this change will take a bit of bathroom remodeling, but it will be well worth the effort.

4. Hire a bathroom remodeler.

If you’re simply stuck on how to maximize your bathroom space, then hire a bathroom remodeler who can help you think through your options. Experts like Indy Renovation have years of experience turning small bathrooms into usable spaces, and we can help you think through the design and function.

To get a free consultation and estimate on bathroom remodeling, contact Indy Renovation at (317) 375-4464. From walk-in tubs to custom tile, we’ll be glad to walk you through your options and help you find a plan for your small bathroom.

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