One of the main features of your bathroom is the countertop. It’s an essential space that’s used to store things like toothbrushes, hand soap, and other personal necessities, so you want to make sure that it’s both hardy and appealing to look at. However, with all the options available, it can be tough to choose what kind of surface you want your counter to have. In this post, we’ve provided a handy list of countertop options for your next bathroom remodel.

  • Granite: Perhaps the most popular countertop choice among Carmel homeowners is granite. Known for being durable and elegant, it’s used in kitchens as well as bathrooms. While its hardiness makes it desirable, it can also be expensive, so discuss the price with your bathroom remodeler before you commit to this material.
  • Quartz: Similar to granite in many ways, quartz is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Its many variations make it easy for you to match the stone with your bathroom’s décor. Quartz countertops are comparable in price to granite.
  • Soapstone: This stone is less hardy than granite or quartz, but its beautiful grey-green color and natural grain are popular with many homeowners. It’s even said to have anti-bacterial properties—a helpful feature when considering your bathroom’s surfaces.
  • Glass: If you’re going for a contemporary style bathroom, glass is the perfect choice. Sleek and modern-looking, it provides a distinctively stylish look that will be the perfect complement to your bathroom remodeling project. However, glass surfaces can be more difficult to clean, so it may not be a good choice if you have small children.
  • Concrete: Customizable and durable, concrete countertops are a good choice for homeowners who know exactly what they want their bathroom counter to look like. Since they’re built specifically for each project, you can choose specific colors, additives, or inlays that complement the rest of your bathroom.

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