The bathroom can be considered a utilitarian space reserved for washing up and taking care of business. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. If you brighten up your bathroom, you may find yourself spending more time in there than you ever imagined.

A lot of bathrooms are dimly lit, contributing to a feeling of lethargy or disinterest in the room. Some people don’t spend enough time in there to really notice, but as Indianapolis’s go-to bathroom remodeler, Indy Renovation takes note of such things.

Adding more light to a bathroom, especially smaller bathrooms, can immediately brighten the mood as well as the room itself. Natural light is always best, so try to let as much of that sunshine in as possible. If you don’t have much natural light to work with, something as simple as adding an extra lamp or mirror to a room can make it feel bigger and seem more welcoming.

Bathroom vanity tops, outlets, sinks, and faucets also tend to become dingy over time. Expert bathroom remodeling from Indy Renovation can transform grungy old fixtures into dazzling new accoutrements for your bathroom design.

Color can also be a key player when trying to lighten up your bathroom’s ambiance. White is the most common color of all for bathroom walls, but accenting the white with pale blues and greens can add a lot of much needed life to the room. Do not attempt to paint a small bathroom’s walls without proper ventilation, though; an unconscious homeowner on the floor will do the opposite of brightening up a bathroom’s appearance.

At, we want to help our clients get the most out of their home. Whether it be through our bathroom remodeling services or personal projects, we’re here to help the people of our Indianapolis community love the homes they live in. Contact Indy Renovation today at 317-375-4464 and let’s get started on building your dream bathroom.

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