Are you working on a bathroom remodel to make the bath more ADA accessible or safe? Have you or a loved one been considering a walk-in bathtub? From choosing the right tub to installation and plumbing, Indy Renovation specializes in walk-in tubs and can help you decide whether a walk-in tub is right for you. Here are just a few benefits we’ve seen from walk-in bathtubs:

1. Customization: Indy Renovation designs the bathroom remodel around your needs. The walk-in tub can be made to your specifications. From tub size to added features like a grab bar, we can design a walk-in tub that’s made just for you.

2. Accessibility: Unlike traditional bathtubs or showers, walk-in tubs are made to be easily accessible for anyone. That way, you can enjoy your soak without entering and exiting struggles.

3. Safety: Because we design the walk-in tub around your needs, the walk-in bath is a safer option. Plus we can add safety features to make sure your bath experience is not hazardous, when used correctly.

4. Independence: Walk-in bathtubs can give people with specific needs some much-desired freedom. If you previously needed help getting in and out of the tub or reaching your shower head, a walk-in tub can give you the tools you need to increase your independence and privacy.

In addition to the walk-in tub itself, Indy Renovation can do a complete bathroom remodel to make all features of the bathroom more accessible and safe. A few bathroom remodel options you may want to consider include: non-slip flooring, handrails, non-scalding faucets, expanded doors or entryways, shower seats, raised toilets, and more.

To ask a question about a walk-in tub or a complete bathroom remodel, contact us at Indy Renovation by calling (317) 375-4464. You can also check out our online customer reviews to get a better feel for our work.

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