A walk-in shower has numerous benefits over a conventional tub/shower combo. In this article, the team at Indy Renovation will cover a few of the major advantages of a walk-in shower versus a standard tub and why you should consider one for your next bathroom remodel.

Benefits of a Walk-in Shower

Easier to Clean

Tubs contain several corners and crevices that make cleaning them challenging. Because there are fewer harder-to-reach areas in walk-in showers, cleaning is significantly more simple.

Much More Accessible

Accessibility is a key characteristic of walk-in showers. For people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues, walk-in showers are much easier to enter than bathtubs. They simplify and streamline the showering process.

Better Use of Space

Walk-in showers offer additional space because they aren’t constrained by a traditional tub’s proportions. This can help you build a larger enclosure, transforming your shower into a roomy refuge.

Additional Customization

One of the enjoyable benefits of selecting a walk-in shower is that you can customize the shower door. While shower curtains are typically the only enclosure choice for tub/shower combinations, walk-in showers expand your options and let you design the personalized bathroom of your dreams.

Fits Any Bathroom

Traditional tub and shower combinations have rigid, standard sizing options. This means that unless you have an adequate layout and space, it may not be an option. With a walk-in shower, you are not constrained by the standard sizes that many people are accustomed to. You can design your walk-in shower to be as big or little as you’d like by choosing the enclosure’s proportions based on your demands and available space.

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