Nothing can transform your bathroom quite like a custom shower remodel. Not only do they look much better than a standard tub and shower combo, but custom showers are also designed with safety and accessibility in mind. Continue reading to learn more from the professionals at Indy Renovation.

Benefits of a Custom Shower Remodel

Easy to Keep Clean

Custom shower units have the benefit of being simple to maintain and clean. Everyone knows that taking a shower in a dingy stall or tub is not the ideal way to feel clean and revived. Today, many standard shower designs make it challenging to maintain this area of the bathroom in a hygienic manner. Thankfully, a custom shower design is simple to maintain, allowing you to stop worrying about the shower’s cleanliness.

More Accessible

Custom shower remodels that are usable for the rest of your life are the way to go. You could find it more difficult as you become older to stand comfortably on a curving tub floor or step over high tub walls. Additionally, custom shower units can be designed for people who use wheelchairs or have mobility difficulties, making them a perfect alternative for both those who have current challenges and those who wish to be ready for the future.

Prioritize Safety

Lastly, custom showers have the benefit of being made to keep you safe and lower the possibility of slip-and-fall incidents. It’s all too easy to lose your balance and fall flat on your face in the shower – or, even worse, when you have to step over a tub rail onto a slippery tile floor. You might want to think about replacing your current tub or shower with a custom one if you want to keep yourself and the other occupants of your home safe.

Ready to make your custom shower dreams into a reality? Indy Renovation is here to help. We proudly serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We also offer custom tile work and full bathroom remodels. You can contact us today at (317) 375-4464 to request an estimate.

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