Let’s face it, most bathrooms are designed with adults in mind. But, your second bathroom is likely most used by your children. So, why not come up with a bathroom design that meets their needs? Use these bathroom remodel ideas from Indy Renovation to transform your kids’ bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas for Kids

Under the Sink Drawer Step

You can make a hidden pull-out step if you don’t want a step stool to be in the way while you’re walking. A bathroom step can be installed to slide out of the bottom drawer with a heavy-duty lid that fits on top and holds up to 90 pounds. The top may be taken off as the child grows, allowing the drawer to be used once again. It’s brilliant!

Large Sink with Two Faucets

If you want two vanities but your bathroom is too small for them, opt for a larger sink with several faucets, such as a trough sink. It’s a fantastic plan to build two or more tooth-brushing stations without using more cabinets.

Custom Shower Built-Ins

The majority of custom-tiled showers feature a few built-in soap and shampoo cubbies. They are, however, most often positioned at adult eye level. Consider adding a lower cubby that can hold children’s bath toys and is easily reached from the tub.

Wall Hooks Everywhere

Extra towel hooks are a necessity if you have multiple children who share a bathroom. There is no longer a reason for kids to leave towels on the floor if there are plenty of hooks!

Adjustable Wall Mirror

Until your kids reach a certain height, they most likely won’t be able to see themselves in the wall mirror over the sink. Consider mounting a pivoting mirror that your child can tilt down while they brush their teeth or hair. That way, no matter who is using the bathroom, they’ll have a nice view of themselves.

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