If you are considering putting your house on the market in the near future, you are most likely trying to do all you can to increase the value of your home. In order to do so, you’ll have to make smart updates so that you will recoup your money in the sale. Current homebuyers are looking for modern updates, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. While master bathroom updates can add value to your home, you don’t want to overdo it and put too much into your bathroom right before selling. This is where the experts at Indy Renovation can step in to help find a reasonable balance for your master bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Updates That Add Value to Your Home

Smart Bathroom Updates

If you are planning to move and you want to get the most out of your bathroom remodel, consider updating these items that make an impact without breaking the bank:

  • Countertops: a stone countertop such as granite or quartz will attract buyers.
  • Cabinets: either completely replace or refinish your cabinets to give your entire bathroom an updated look.
  • Fixtures:  a new faucet can make a big impact on a small budget. You can change out the fixtures on your sink, tub, and toilet, along with the shower head, to update your bathroom’s look. 
  • Walk-In Shower: replacing your builder grade shower/bath combo with a large walk-in shower will raise your home’s value. However, be sure you still have at least one bathtub in the home, as buyers with small children consider that a “must-have” feature.

Update to Sell

The bathroom experts at Indy Renovation can help you create a bathroom design that is modern and fits with what most buyers are seeking. We also can help you prioritize which projects are beneficial to complete before selling, and which would be overkill.

Choose Indy Renovation

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