Indianapolis residents need to know how to spot leaks before they become major issues, causing water damage to homes. Whether you’re a current homeowner or in the process of buying a home, spotting a leaking pipe is a money-saving and stress-reducing skill to have. The plumbing team at Indy Renovation wants to help you out by passing along these five signs of leaking pipes.

1. Rusty pipes or valves

Check the pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sink cabinets to see whether you can spot signs of corrosion. The pipes or valves themselves may have rust, or you may also notice yellow-orange-reddish stains on the bottom of your cabinets.

2. Wall stains

Many plumbing lines run through the unseen areas of your home, such as in walls or ceilings. If you begin to notice stains or bubbles forming in these areas, you may need pipe repair or replacement.

3. Visible moisture

If you can see moisture on flooring or on the ceiling, don’t look the other way. You may have a leaky pipe on your hands!

4. Cracked flooring

Flooring often buckles or cracks when exposed to excess moisture. If you think this moisture may be caused by nearby plumbing, you may want to have the area assessed to track down the cause of the water damage.

5. Mold

If you can see green mildew or black mold growth, you have some type of water issue—whether from leaking pipes or another source. Don’t ignore these mold spots, but immediately try to track down the source.

Do you think you might have a leaky pipe? For pipe repair or replacement in Indianapolis or Carmel, contact Indy Renovation at (317) 375-4464. Our plumbing professionals can help you assess your leak issues and fix your pipes before they cause more damage to your home. If leaky pipes have already left their mark, Indy Renovation also specializes in bathroom remodeling.

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