Bathroom VanityWhen it comes to your bathroom remodel, a vanity is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom to update. A new custom vanity enhances the curb appeal of a bathroom and can bring your style inspiration to reality. Are you having a claw-foot bathtub installed? Consider a vintage-style vanity. Do you want a custom shower with high-tech amenities? Ask our bathroom remodeler about constructing a vanity with a modern look to match.

Whatever you’re envisioning for your remodel, there’s a perfect vanity option for your dream bathroom. At Indy Renovation, we’re experienced in a variety of bathroom vanity designs. From vintage to modern aesthetics and spacious to compact layouts, the designs for a bathroom vanity are unlimited. Here are just a few design ideas to consider for your bathroom remodeling project:

  • Go curvy : With rectangular countertops and cabinets, a traditional bathroom has a lot of 90 degree edges. A vanity with a curvy design will give your bathroom a unique appeal. Vessel sinks and chrome fixtures also add interest to this modern style.
  • Dresser-style: Inspired by vintage bathrooms? Vanities that have cabriole legs and antique knobs look like old-fashioned dressers. When a dresser-style vanity is painted white, it especially complements a monochromatic bathroom scheme.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry: For a luxury vanity, ask your bathroom remodeler about extending the storage space from the floor to the ceiling. Not only will you have ample storage space, but you’ll also have an elegant statement piece as the center of your bathroom remodel.
  • Roomy design: Floor-to-ceiling vanities may look attractive in giant master bathrooms, but what if you’re remodeling a tiny bathroom? You can still have a beautiful vanity by opting for pedestal sinks and freestanding cabinetry.
  • Vanity for couples: If you and your loved one have a similar morning routine, then sharing the bathroom can present its challenges. With a dual vanity, you’ll have enough separation to get ready in the morning at the same time.

For more bathroom design ideas from Indy Renovation, feel free to browse through our blog posts about our various bathroom remodeling services.

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