The idea of remodeling your bathroom can be exciting. You’re ready to start tearing out tile and knocking down walls. You can already see the finished product and imagine hours spent relaxing in a bubble bath or getting ready in that custom shower. However, before you get started, our team at Indy Renovation has a few suggestions to help you make the most of your project.

Remodeling Ideas1. Get ready to be stretched.

Remodeling of any kind requires a certain level of flexibility from the homeowner. Even the most perfectly laid-out plans and budgets run into something unexpected. So before you even get started, do a few mental or emotional stretches, and get ready to be a bit more flexible than normal.

2. Stick to your budget.

When you set a remodeling budget, you fully intend to stick to it. But then you see that granite countertop and fall in love with it. Or you think you just cannot live without that modern soaker tub. While adding a few upgrades isn’t a huge deal, adding too many can…well…add up. While you might love the finished project, extending yourself financially can cause stress where there wasn’t stress before. You don’t want to finish your project with any regrets; make up your mind at the beginning to stay within your budget.

3. Choose your dates wisely.

Home improvement often takes longer than expected—or becomes more disruptive than expected. The last thing you want to do is add to the chaos by starting a remodel right before a major holiday or event. If you have kids in school, you may also want to avoid the summer months when they’ll be home throughout the day.

4. Select the right contractor.

If you plan to hire a contractor or plumber for your bathroom remodel, don’t rush it. You want to choose someone who provides quality work at an affordable rate. Go with someone reputable in the Indianapolis area.

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photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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