Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom? Looking for a few design ideas to kickstart your creativity? We at Indy Renovation have gathered up these four bathroom remodeling design tips to help you out.

1. Think see-through.

A shower curtain or opaque shower door can cut your bathroom space in half. If you have a small bathroom and want your bathroom remodeling project to give the illusion of a bigger space, consider installing a clear glass, walk-in shower door. You’ll be surprised at how much larger your bathroom appears, without actually adding any square footage.

2. Customize your shower experience.

No two shower heads are alike. Many people who share a shower may not like having the same type of water pressure or shower head. Even a “multi-function” shower head doesn’t always do the trick. If this describes you, have you considered installing more than one shower head? You can install a shower head that makes you feel like you’re standing in the rain, or maybe a pulsating one that works out the stressors from the day. Don’t limit yourself to just one!

3. Have a seat.

If you plan on installing or redoing your shower, consider expanding the size of your shower space and install some extra features, like a custom shower bench. Shower benches are great if you just want to breathe in the steam and let the warm water heat you up. Plus, ladies love them when it’s time to shave those tough-to-reach spots on their legs.

4. Design your own tile work.

You can find so many uses for floor tiles, other than just covering your bathroom floor. Many people choose a variety of tiles that complement each other, giving a unique look to the space. Others opt for medallions or borders made from custom tiles. For more visual inspiration, you can also check out this bathroom remodeling photo gallery from HGTV. If you want to talk design or get started on your bathroom remodeling project, contact Indy Renovation today at (317) 375-4464.
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