When you think of making your home cozy for fall, you probably picture warm blankets by the fireplace and pumpkin decorations on your front porch. However, at Indy Renovation, we believe that every room in your home can be cozy, including your bathroom! This year, as the cold weather moves in, we’re sharing our three favorite ways to make your bathroom a cozy retreat you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Cozy Bathroom

1. Bring the Heat

There’s nothing more startling than stepping out of your warm shower onto a freezing cold bathroom floor. All the warmth you’ve just experienced instantly leaves your body and you’re covered in goosebumps. Instead of dealing with that on a daily basis, try installing heated floors or even a heated towel rack! Heated towel racks are inexpensive, easy to use, and will make your bathroom feel like a high-end spa! Your towels will be warm and dry every time you need them.

2. Invest in Your Shower

Another favorite way to cozy up your bathroom is by customizing your shower. A rain showerhead can make your shower feel like you’re standing in a soothing waterfall! Our custom shower experts can also customize your shower in other ways like adding seats or shelves, frameless glass, or even a whole sauna! It’s all about bringing nature and warmth to your space to give it that cozy, fall feel.

3. Add Color

Finally, the best way to make any space feel cozy for fall is by adding in those rich, autumn colors any way you can. Don’t let your bathroom’s functionality stop you from having fun with splashes of color. Add a beautiful fall landscape painting to the walls, switch up your towels and bathmats and decorate your shelves with pretty glass containers filled with your favorite bath bombs. This fall you will be able to relax and unwind in your cozy oasis.

At Indy Renovation, we believe that homeowners who love their bathrooms are more likely to wake up bubbling with enthusiasm and ready to start their day. Let us help by designing the perfect custom shower! Get started today by contacting us at (317) 375-4464. Family-owned and operated, we serve customers in the Indianapolis and Carmel area.

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